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Rapid rituals, efficient enchantments, and swift spells.

Auteur: Cerridwen Greenleaf (Brenda Knight)

Jaar: 2019

Druk: niet vermeld

ISBN: 9781782497059 / 1782497056

Taal: Engels

144 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Cico Books, USA

Paperback, nieuw.


We may live in hectic times, but that is no reason why life should be any less magical. Did you know that a new moon ritual can help you to make new friends, or that you can harness the power of crystals to take a glimpse into the future? Are you interested in a speedy sure-fire rite to bring love into your life, or in easy money magic for prosperity and abundance?

5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans is steeped in ancient wisdom with updates for modern living and an emphasis on maximum manifestation in the least amount of time. Whether you want to conjure up more personal creativity for your career or quick candle spells for serenity, red-hot rites for romance or to clear your space of negative energy and blocks to happiness, Cerridwen Greenleaf's guide to super-fast magic will help you improve all aspects of your life - in a jiffy!

5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans is the essential spell book for the busy modern witch, including spells for every day of the week, practical magic for prosperity, rites for romance and love, candle and crystal curatives, sacred space suggestions, and much more. You will discover...

  • Ways to turn your luck around in 5 minutes or less
  • Which moon phase and sun sign will guide new love to you
  • Secrets for stress-reduction and energy management
  • Fast-acting herbal approaches for healing in a hurry
  • Manifestation magic for prosperity, security, and joy
  • Easy enchantments for all of life's occasions

Cerridwen Greenleaf has worked with many of the leading lights of the Wiccan world and has led ritual and magic workshops throughout North America. She is the author of The Book of Kitchen Witchery and The Magical Home, both published by CICO Books, and her books for Running Press, The Witches SpeII Book-series, are bestsellers, selling over 70,000 copies. She lives in San Francisco, USA. 

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5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans

  • Eenheid: Stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 2
  • €18,50

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