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Auteur: Johan Elverskog

Jaar: 2010

Druk: niet vermeld.

ISBN: 0812242378 / 9780812242379

Taal: Engels

352 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Penn, University of Pennsylvania Press, USA

Paperback, tweedehands, in nette staat.


Winner of the 2011 Award for Excellence in the Historical Study of Religion from the American Academy of Religion.

Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2010

In the contemporary world the meeting of Buddhism and Islam is most often imagined as one of violent confrontation. Indeed, the Taliban's destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001 seemed not only to reenact the infamous Muslim destruction of Nalanda monastery in the thirteenth century but also to reaffirm the stereotypes of Buddhism as a peaceful, rational philosophy and Islam as an inherently violent and irrational religion. But if Buddhist-Muslim history was simply repeated instances of Muslim militants attacking representations of the Buddha, how had the Bamiyan Buddha statues survived thirteen hundred years of Muslim rule?

Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road demonstrates that the history of Buddhist-Muslim interaction is much richer and more complex than many assume. This groundbreaking book covers Inner Asia from the eighth century through the Mongol empire and to the end of the Qing dynasty in the late nineteenth century. By exploring the meetings between Buddhists and Muslims along the Silk Road from Iran to China over more than a millennium, Johan Elverskog reveals that this long encounter was actually one of profound crosscultural exchange in which two religious traditions were not only enriched but transformed in many ways.

“Johan Elverskog is exceedingly well read in the relevant literature, and his book is fascinating and thoughtprovoking —TLS.

“The book, brilliantly moving from the interaction between economic and religious regimes to cross-cultural artistic production, succeeds in presenting a rich history full of rosy moments as well as tension and clashes. In so doing, Elverskog has made a very important and unique contribution to the community of historians of the world and Asia as well as students of religion." American Historical Review.

Johan Elverskog is Altshuler University Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Southern Methodist University,

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Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

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  • Model: Paperback
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