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Deel van de Pagan Portals Serie.

Auteur: Robin Corak

Jaar: 2022

Druk: niet vermeld.

ISBN: 9781789047837 / 1789047838

Taal: Engels

105 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Moon Books, John Hunt Publishing

Paperback, nieuw.



Working with the Greek goddess, Demeter, can help us to better understand what it means to reconnect with our own divinity, birth the potential that exists within us, and nurture ourselves and others. Pagan Portals — Demeter begins with a foundational look at the ancient Greek myths and many aspects of the Goddess. This is followed by an exploration of the rites sacred to Demeter and the impact that these rites had on women in ancient Greek society. Building on these foundational elements, the book explores the various themes and lessons inherent in Demeter’s myth. These include accessing the divine within, healing the mother wound, manifestation/fertility magic, the mother archetype as a powerful advocate for justice, and conducting shadow work to release that which no longer serves us so that we can experience the rebirth of our own divine sovereignty.

“Not only does Robin bring Demeter to light, but this author also expands on the often-condensed vision of the Great Mother. By widening the experience of motherhood and mothering, this book creates a strong connection with the reader, a welcoming tone, and open arms. From well-researched content to journal questions, Pagan Portals — Demeter is not just for those who have never met this goddess, but it’s also for those who seek to deepen their relationship.” - Irisanya Moon, author of Aphrodite, Iris and Reclaiming Witchcraft.

A practicing pagan for roughly 20 years, Robin Corak is a long-time member of the Sisterhood of Avalon where she currently serves as the Board Secretary. She has been published in a variety of anthologies and is the author of Pagan Portals — Persephone. Robin is also the CEO of a large non-profit organization, a member of the Forbes Non-Profit Council, and a recipient of multiple leadership awards.

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  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €17,50

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