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Auteur: Mlle Lenormand

Jaar:  2006 

Druk: 1e druk.

ISBN: 0738710075 / 9780738710075

Taal: Engels, Italiaans, Frans, Duits (meertalig)

78 kaarten + Boekje

Uitgeverij: Lo Scarabeo, IT


Discover an Ancient Tarot with a Modern Twist. The most common tradition of Tarot today only goes back 100 years. The Tarot, however, is much older. Now you can use the type of cards that influenced the modern system, bringing a true level of authenticity and history to all of your readings. The Tarot Lenormand combines the famous Lenormand oracle deck with Etteilla's Thoth Tarot, a bit of the modern tradition and puts it all together with a twist of modern wit and cleverness, and a dollop of original design. How can it do all this? By being inspired by all of these deck rather than just copying them. The result is something very unique and original, but also familiar enough for use by most Tarot readers. The difference is that these updated ancient designs will give your readings a feeling of true antiquity and a power not found in other Tarot decks. 

Although it is based on a combination of symbols and styles, it features beautiful, clean, and uncluttered art that truly represents its Napoleonic setting. If feels unified, comprehensive, fresh and new. This feeling will carry into your readings and meditations, bringing new interpretations, concepts, and depth. This isn't just a copy of other decks, it's something that is familiar while being unlike any other Tarot deck. 

And that's the key to this deck. It's both very old in style and yet as modern as tomorrow. Perfect for people of any spiritual system, this intriguing deck is a must for all Tarot practitioners and collectors. 

Nieuw in folie.

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Formaat kaarten 7 x 12 cm

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Lenormand Tarot

  • Eenheid: doosje
  • Model: Kaartenset
  • Beschikbaarheid: 27
  • €17,50

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