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Rhythms of the Orishas.

Verzameld door: Raul J. Canizares

Releasedatum: 1993

ISBN: 1594770026 / 9781594770029

Genre: Wereldmuziek

Label: Destiny Recordings, Inner Traditions, USA



Practitioners of the Afro-Cuban religion Santeria believe that powerful spirit forces - orishas - provide guidance and inspiration channeled in the form of song. Listening intently makes one's soul vibrate at the same frequency of the orisha being praised, creating a bridge between God and humankind that releases the orisha’s healing power. Sacred Sounds of Santeria includes extremely rare and powerful field recordings made in the hinterlands of Cuba in the 1950's during actual Santeria rituals, along with studio recorded songs that feature 40 of the most gifted soloists, choral singers, and drummers on the island. 


These songs feature the traditional three-drum batá ensemble as well as soloists and choral singers. 

  1. Eleggua
  2. Yemayá
  3. Shangó
  4. Oyá
  5. Orula
  6. Babalú Ayé


Recorded on site, these songs, chants, and prayers capture the excitement and authenticity of actual Santeria rites performed in isolated communities in the hinterlands of Cuba more than forty years ago. 

  1. Moyuba
  2. Eleggua
  3. Shangó
  4. Oddudúa
  5. Obatalá
  6. Babalú Ayé
  7. Asoyin
  8. Ebioso
  9. Funerario Abakuá
  10. Rumba Columbia
  11. Lumbe

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Sacred Sounds of Santeria

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