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Auteur: Phoenix LeFae 

Oorspronkelijke titel: Exploring Spellcraft

Jaar: 2023

Druk: 1e

ISBN: 9780738771410 / 0738771414

Taal: Engels

248 pagina's

Uitgever: Llewellyn Publications

Paperback, nieuw.


Build powerful, transformative rituals for a deeply meaningful life.

Rituals are a part of our breath, blood, and bone. They're a part of our human makeup, and they provide us with confidence, reassurance, and stronger social bonds. A ritualist with nearly thirty years of experience, Phoenix LeFae teaches you how to build a solid foundation of ritual practice while also leaving room for your own creative exploration. She covers not only how to craft rituals, but also why they are important.

This inspiring book walks you through every step of ritual work, from setting your intentions to creating sacred space to closing the ceremony. You will find a variety of exercises, meditations, and activities, as well as guidelines for making unique rituals from scratch. Phoenix helps you design solitary and group rituals that are the perfect fit.

Includes a foreword by Laura Tempest Zakroff, author of Anatomy of a Witch.

Phoenix LeFae (Sebastopol, CA) is a professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist. She has been practicing witchcraft for almost thirty years, and her teachings are connected to the Reclaiming Tradition, Druidry, and Gardnerian Wicca. She is also the owner of an esoteric Goddess shop called Milk & Honey. In addition to being the coauthor of Life Ritualized, she is the author of Walking in Beauty, What Is Remembered Lives, and Witches, Heretics & Warrior Women.

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A Witch's Guide to Creating & Performing Rituals that Actually Work

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 3
  • €18,50

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