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The ultimate reference book for magical arts.

Auteur: Judika Illes

Jaar: 2004

Druk: niet genoemd

ISBN: 9780007164653 / 0007164653

Taal: Engels

1108 pagina's

Uitgever: HarperElement, Harper Collins Publishers, UK

Softcover, nieuw.


Enter the world of folklore, myth and magic.

Five thousand spells spanning five thousand years of magical history from Earth’s every corner. Discover binding spells and banishing spells, spells for love, luck, wealth, power, spiritual protection, physical healing, enhanced fertility, and much more. 

The first Spring Rain Spell

The first spring rain is believed to contain special luck-drawing powers.

  1. Place a glass, stone, or earthenware container outside at the spring equinox to catch the first rain. It’s extra potent if it rains on the equinox!
  2. Reserve the water for the following uses:
    • Bathe for a year of joy and luck.
    • Wash your face to enhance the appearance of youth.
    • Wash your hair to attract and keep romance.
    • Wash your abdomen and genitals with the water for enhanced and renewed fertility.
    • Sprinkle the water on your medicine bags, altar tools and and your home.

Basil Spells

Basil is the herb particularly associated with prosperity and increase. It is used to magically increase fertility and romance but especially to attract and increase wealth. The plant is sacred to two very prominent Spirits of Wealth: India’s Lakshmi and  Vodou’s Ezili Freda Dahomey.

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The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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  • Model: Softcover
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