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Finding your power with ancestral guides.

Auteur: Patti Wigington

Jaar: 2020

Druk: 1e

ISBN: 0738764981 / 9780738764986

Taal: Engels

239 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Llewellynn Publishing, USA

Paperback, nieuw.


Cultivate Relationships with Your People for Empowerment and Healing

This groundbreaking book shows you how to work with different types of ancestors to find, develop, and celebrate the personal power of your inner badass. By embracing the strength of your lineage-both blood relatives and those chosen by the heart-you can receive wisdom and guidance when you need it the most.

Badass Ancestors provides a compelling series of rituals, meditations, mantras, and exercises that connect you with ancestral guides. You'll discover advice on genealogy research, the history of ancestor veneration in cultures around the world, ways to deal with problematic ancestors, and how to leave your own legacy for future generations. Each chapter offers unique calls to action including crafts and recipes-that help you build self-confidence and overall badassery with your ancestors’ assistance. When you develop relationships with your relatives and with spiritual or archetypal ancestors, you engage the process of healing trauma and achieving a deep sense of emotional and spiritual well-being.

Patti Wigington is a Pagan author, blogger, and educator. From 2007 to 2020, Patti has been the host of About.com/LearnReligions Paganism & Wicca website. She regularly presents workshops at Pagan festivals and is a frequent guest on the podcast Lady Brigid’s Ask a Witch. Patti lives in central Ohio. 

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Badass Ancestors

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Merk: Llewellyn
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: Uitverkocht
  • €16,50

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