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The ancient rites, spells & Demons of Persia.

Auteur: Kurtis Joseph

Jaar: 2019

Druk: niet genoemd

ISBN: 9781795266581 / 1795266589

Taal: Engels

320 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Become a Living God

Paperback, tweedehands, in nette staat.


Learn the ancient rites, spells, and demons of Persia with the ultimat grimoire by the Lord of Darkness, Ahriman. Unlock the secrets of Kunda Alchemy to become a true Magus of the oldest known sorcery and flood your life with ancient power. 


  • The Origins of Ignorance
  • The Liberation from Enslavement
  • The Temple of Blackened Fire
  • Foundations of Practice
  • The Grimoire of Arezura 
  • The Venoms of the Black Sun
  • Preparing for the Garb of Darkness
  • Lamps of Fate 
  • Rites of Damnation
  • Envocation: Don the Garb of Darkness 
  • The Pathways of Dark Goddess Az-Jahi 

“Travel the Path of Smoke and receive the blessing of damna-ation. Become Kunda and gain power unimaginable through the gateway of your own weakness." - Zohak.

"Black Magick of Ahriman brings forth a fresh perspective on Ahriman and provides a grimoire of powerful sorcery for those who dare to summon and face the Lord of Darkness himself. This is not only an evocative tome, but also an incredibly informative book full of personal gnosis received directly from Ahriman and his dark spirits.” — Asenath Mason, (foreword).

Black magickian Kurtis Joseph specializes in Dark Alchemy through teachings of the most and goddesses of humankind. The Adversarial Path is his focus for the liberation of humanity through the Apocalypse or Revelation of knowledge. He views the divine potential of humanity as the key to unlocking a better world through evolution and empowerment of the Individual.


Zoekwoorden: Perzisch, perzië, midden oosten, zwarte magie, occult, boek,  kopen, bestellen, winkel, webshop, black magic, magick, hogere magie, demonen, become a living god

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Black Magick of Ahriman

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €40,00

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