Reading the language and symbols of the cards.

Auteur: Caitlin Matthews

Jaar: 2014

ISBN: 9781620553251 / 1620553252

Taal: English

403 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Destiny Books, USA

Paperback, tweedehands, in nette staat. 


More than 200 years old, the 36 Lenormand cards are an oracle combining standard playing cards with images from the everyday world, such as key, book, bouquet, and various animals. Their simple, predictive, and nonesoteric nature opens the realm of fortune-telling to all, offering a traditional cartomantic divination where card combinations fuse together to give clear answers.

In this complete guide to Lenormand card reading, Caitlin Matthews explains the multiple meanings for each card, providing keywords so the reader can quickly build an interpretive vocabulary for Lenormand fortune-telling. She details how to lay spreads, starting with 3 or 5 cards and building to the Grand Tableau spread, which uses all 36 cards. She explores the significance of the playing card pips and suits on each card and how cards combine to create a variety of meanings. Matthews enables readers to learn the Lenormand card keywords so they can both read for themselves and express their interpretations to clients. Providing real case histories for readers to interpret, she also includes self-tests and practice exercises with an answer key at the end of the book.

In addition to her comprehensive practical introduction to the Lenormand oracle, Matthews delves deeply into the history of cartomancy to reveal the mythic blueprint that underlies the structure of this deck, the key to which lies not in its imagery but in its connection to playing cards.

”Anyone interested in Lenormand - beginner or seasoned reader - will find this book essential reading. It is wise, wonderfully structured, and written in a voice that makes one feel as though the author is sitting at your side, offering inspired advice and support. Here is a guidebook to not only the Lenormand world but also the symbolic, storied, readable world around us." ─ Ari Berk, Ph.D.,  professor of folklore and mythology at Central Michigan University and author of The Undertaken Trilogy.

Caitlin Matthews is the creator of 4 tarot decks and 5 oracles, including the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle, and the author of more than 60 books, including Walkers Between the Worlds. An influential  teacher of divination methods, she is a co-founder of the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies. She teaches internationally and lives in Oxford, England.

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The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook

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