The forbidden wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary.

Auteur: Ariana Osborne

Illustraties: Louis Breton

Jaar: 2013

Druk: niet genoemd

ISBN: 1454906243 / 9781454906247

Taal: Engels

69 kaarten + 160 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Sterling Ethos, USA

Nieuw in folie.


What does the Daemon Tarot hold in store for you?

Summon the power of infernal beings to guide you on your path...

For the 1863 sixth edition of his Dictionnaire Infernal  (Infernal Dictionary), a volume filled with entries about magic and the occult, demonologist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy commissioned over five hundred unique engravings - including 69 signed illustrations by Luis Breton, mostly compelling portraits of named daemons. Now author Ariana Osborne has created a matched set of 69 card out of Breton's works and written a companion book of illustrated entries for each. These entries detail each daemon's attributes compiled not only from the Dictionnaire, but from a variety of other sources; Osborne's own interpretations and insights into the subject of each card; and focused meanings to use in a traditional one-card draw or a six-card spread - "the next best thing to dragging a daemon into your living room to answer all of your questions."

Zoekwoorden: demonen, demon, duivel, satan, tarot, oracle, kopen, bestellen, winkel, webshop

Formaat kaarten 7,5 x 12 cm

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The Daemon Tarot

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