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Spells & Rituals for modern living.  

Auteur: Dorothy Morrison

Jaar: 2019

Druk: 25e

ISBN: 9781567184693 / 1567184693

Taal: Engels

320 pagina's

Uitgever: Llewellyn Publications (USA)

Paperback, nieuw.


Live a Magically Modern Life.

Are you tired of looking for ritual solutions for today's problems - computer viruses, traffic that drives you crazy, and stress that makes you forget your own name? Does the quest for obscure spell ingredients leave you exhausted and empty-handed?

Now there's a better way to incorporate magic into your life without adding more stress to it! Everyday Magic is bursting with ways to make the Ancient Arts fit today's fast-paced lifestyle.

Turn modern conveniences such as coffee makers, blenders, and Crock-Pots into viable magical tools. Discover items and forces that boost magical work. Try a large assortment of recipes - with easy-to-find ingredients - for creating your own oils, incenses, potions, and powders. Plus, conquer both major and minor obstacles with over 300 spell and ritual solutions:

anger • automobiles • beauty • computers • creativity • dreams • divorce • gambling • health • jobs • legal matters • love • lost items • money • parking places • pets • protection • traffic • victory • wisdom

Dorothy Morrison is a Wiccan High Priestess of the Georgian Tradition, and has been an avid practitioner of the Ancient Arts for more than twenty years. She founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden in 1986, and spent many years teaching the Craft of Wicca to students both in the United States and in Australia. She is the author of several books including Everyday Moon Magic, Yule, and The Craft.

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Everyday Magic

  • Eenheid: Stuk
  • Merk: Llewellyn
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €20,00

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