The dawn of Western magic and alchemy. 

Book 1 of The Great Wizards of History trilogy

Auteur: Guy Ogilvy (Francis Melville)

Jaar: 2019

Druk: 1e

ISBN: 0738744123 / 9780738744124

Taal: Engels

304 pagina's

Uitgever: Llewellyn Publications (USA)

Hardcover met stofomslag, nieuw.


A guided tour through the untamed territories of magic.

The history of wizardry comes alive with dozens of unique portraits capturing the most remarkable and infamous practitioners of magic and alchemy. Combining up-to-date historical scholarship and his own keen interpretations of primary texts, Guy Ogilvy develops a fascinating saga of magical thought and its inevitable dance with orthodox rationalism. 

The story begins with the prehistoric culture of the Lion Man and moves on to Orpheus and the great figures of myth. Discover the unparalleled influence of Pythagoras and the pre-Socratics as they experience the mysterious glories of Apollo's touch. Behold the leading alchemists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as they carry forth the surviving wisdom of the ancients. working their unique magic even as powerful social and political forces align against them. 

Magic is a vital element of history. The Great Wizards of Antiquity weaves together the loose threads of magic to form a comprehensive tapestry, challenging the ideas brought forth by peddlers of the mundane and returning a sense of enchantment to its rightful place in the human spirit. 

Drawing out the most significant strains of magic from prehistory to the Renaissance, this collection explores the fascinating stories that inscribed dozens of names on the great landscape of history. While these works and ideas were often contested or condemned, the power of magic to shape the world - and our understanding of it - can never be fully denied. In this book, you will discover the beliefs and teachings of sorcerers. healers, philosophers. alchemists, and mythological figures, including:

  • The Lion Man Animal magic & the modern mind
  • Orpheus Incantations & the magic of music
  • Dionysus Wild rites & the gift of wine
  • Pythagoras Metempsychosis & the wisdom of the cave dwellers
  • Pherekydes Open secrets & the immortality of souls
  • The Pythia The oracle at Delphi & ecstatic prophecy
  • Epimenides Sacred caves & the unknown gods
  • Abaris The golden arrow & the Hyperborean Apollo
  • Zalmoxis Thrace & the Celtic connection
  • Hermotimus Astral travel & the preeminence of psyche
  • Aristeas The form of a raven & the wonders of Apollo
  • Parmenides The man who knows & the nightmare ride to hell
  • Embedocles Bronze sandals & the four elements
  • Zosimos Transmutation & inner purification 
  • Jābir ibn Hayyān Islamic alchemy & the theory of balance
  • Jan Baptista Van Helmont The stranger & the projecting powder
  • The Comte de Saint-Germain Universal medicine & the elixir of life
  • Paracelsus Legendary cures & the open book of nature
  • James Price The Royal Society & the Philosopher's Stone 

Guy Ogilvy is a practicing laboratory alchemist, forager, translator, and musician. This is his ninth book, his previous being The Alchemist‘s Kitchen. He has written several of his published works under the pseudonym Francis Melville. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages and have sold over 750,000 copies. Guy abandoned a promising career in publishing to pursue a personal quest that culminated in an eighteen-month stint as a cave-dwelling hermit in the mountains of Central North Mexico. Since his return, he has appeared on several television networks to share his expertise on esotericism and alchemy, including Channel 4 and the BBC. Guy lives near Glastonbury in the United Kingdom.

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The Great Wizards of Antiquity

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Hardcover
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €27,50

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