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Auteur: James R. Eads

Jaar: 2022

Druk: niet genoemd


Taal: Engels

50 kaarten + 80 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Prisma Visions (Self Published)

Kaartenset, nieuw in folie.


An Oracle deck is simply a deck of cards that deviates from the traditional systems of divination. Many of the cards in this deck came from James' own uni­verse of symbolism. For example, you will find many gazebos scattered throughout his work. He uses gazebos as a symbol of celebration and apprecia­tion for the present. In the other Green Glyphs decks, He uses color as a key for understanding the impact of a card as either positive or unfortunate. He chose not to include color in this deck because he didn't want to impose any previous connotations on the imagery. 

The Green Glyphs Oracle features a distinctive artistic style, marked by bold, prismatic gold accents. Each card is a testament to Eads' unique artistic vision, blending familiar symbols with imaginative, surreal landscapes. The deck's artwork invites users into a visually rich and captivating world.

Eads' Green Glyphs Oracle is rich in symbolism, utilizing unique elements like gazebos to signify celebration and appreciation of the present. The deck's thematic focus is on personal growth, introspection, and the celebration of life's journey, making it deeply resonant for users.

Designed for divination enthusiasts of all levels, this oracle deck offers an intuitive and accessible experience. The absence of color coding in the deck encourages users to delve deeper into personal interpretation and connect more intimately with the imagery.

James R. Eads is known for his visionary approach to art and oracle decks. His work often explores the boundaries of reality and imagination, creating spaces for users to explore their own narratives and insights through his creations.

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Green Glyphs Oracle

  • Eenheid: Set
  • Model: Kaartenset
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €60,00

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