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Vanwege de griep ben ik deze week niet in staat om bestellingen te versturen. Je kunt gewoon bestellen, maar het zal dan pas 6 februari worden verzonden. Excuses voor het ongemak!

A complete Book of Shadows. 

Auteurs: Ann Moura 

Jaar: 2017

Druk: 20e

ISBN: 0738702870 / 9780738702872

Taal: Engels

348 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Llewellyn Publications, USA

Paperback, nieuw.


Think not that any secrets have been given away here or that any oaths have been violated, for Nature has no secrets but is open and free to any who have the will to explore, listen, observe, and learn; and at the end of my rituals, I say, “As I have received, may I offer fbod for the body, mind, and spirit to those who seek such of me. ”

By taking this Book of Shadows into your hands, you are accepting from me that which you seek - food for your body, mind, and spirit. Take and use that which appeals to you, change or alter those things that you feel you should, and add your own entries in the bIank pages provided for this purpose, for a Book of Shadows and Grimoire grows with each generation. 

Let this book then be a guide for you, as you walk along your own path with the Goddess and the God. May your Craft flourish in joy, may the Divine inspire you, and, “Blessed Be Thy Feet That Bring Thee On Thy Path. ” 

--Ann Moura 

Ann Maura has been a practitioner of Green Witchcraft for more than forty years. An historian and teacher, she is the author of the popular Green Witchcraft series, as well as The Origins of Modern Witchcraft, Witchcraft: An Alternative Path, and Tarot for the Green Witch.

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Grimoire for the Green Witch

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €22,50

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