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Book one of the Ezmereld Chronicles.

Auteur: Tamarin Laurel

Jaar: 2002

Druk: niet vermeld

ISBN: 1550224964 / 9781550224962 / 9781550224964

Taal: Engels

468 pagina's

Uitgeverij: ECW Press, CA

Paperback, nieuw.


Initiation at Beltane weaves a story of modern magical training with strands of ancient wisdom from Faery tradition, Celtic shamanism, Witchcraft, and Arthurian legend. Morgan Keith finds himself at the gate of Ezmereld, University of Esoteric Knowing, with no memory of his former life. The strange and wonderful students and professors of Ezmereld take him in. Under their guidance, Morgan discovers a heritage of great power and accepts a destiny that will change many worlds.

This novel can be used as a training manual for both beginners and advanced practitioners of magic, offering insights usually available only in advanced magical working groups. A special index of techniques provides a basis for further development in solitary or group Spiritual practice. You decide whether this book will be a glimpse into a realm of magic and legend, or a work of visionary fiction, helping you uncover your own celestial insights and personal destiny.

“This excellent book... allows the reader to experience, in a relatively short time, the journey that for many of us has taken a lifetime. This book belongs on the reading list of most, if not all, students: it would serve as a useful teaching guide for groups.” --Gavin Frost, coauthor of The Witch’s Magical Handbook and co-founder of the Church and School of Wicca.

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Initiation at Beltane

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 3
  • €16,00

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