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A witch's guide to honoring life's important moments.

Auteurs: Phoenix LeFae & Gwion Raven

Jaar: 2021

Druk: 1e

ISBN: 9780738764658 / 078764655

Taal: Engels

201 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Llewellyn Publications, USA

Paperback, nieuw.


Make every rite of passage sacred and meaningful.

Dozens of group and solitary activities for ritualizing life’s changes.

Commemorate the moments that shape who you are with this book of rituals designed for rites of passage, no matter how big or small. Drawing on almost thirty years of experience in Witchcraft and Paganism, Phoenix LeFae and Gwion Raven offer powerful activities to honor everything from getting a driver's license to starting a coven to retiring. Life Ritualized offers clear instructions and inspiring stories to deepen your spirituality.

Whether it’s a weighty occasion like birth, marriage, or death, or a more private one like blessing a new house or changing jobs, this book provides everything you need to make it a moment of reflection and reverence. These rituals create stronger connections between you and your loved ones, and they also strengthen your relationship with yourself. Featuring guidance on using correspondences and creating unique rites, Life Ritualized helps you celebrate the adventure of life.

Includes a foreword by Jason Mankey, author of Witch’s Wheel of the Year.

Phoenix LeFae is a professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist. She is also the author of Walking in Beauty and What Is Remembered Lives

Gwion Raven is a tattooed Pagan, writer, traveler, musician, cook, kitchen Witch, occult shop owner, and teacher. He is also the author of The Magick of Food.

"Life Ritualized is raw, touching, sensitive, and inspiring; the authors have a deep understanding of the magick of being human... This brilliant book provides you with fully inclusive and meaningful rituals for any occasion.” -Tara Sanchez, author of Urban Faery Magick. 

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Life Ritualized

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1
  • €22,50

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