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The art of reading hands.

Auteur: Jean-Michel Morgan

Jaar: 1975

Druk: niet genoemd


Taal: Engels

107 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Ariane Books

Hardcover met stofomslag, tweedehands, in redelijke staat.


The hand is more than the organ which enables us to grasp and to touch, it is the means by which we can have concrete contact with the real world.

There are all sorts of hands: depressed, neurotic, happy, lively, nervous or melancholy. Some hands are tender and voluptuous. Others are lazy, yet others are bursting with energy.

There are some scientists who regard the hand as the supreme organ of feeling, while, for certain others, it is merely the essential organ of touch. Both definitions are acceptable, and, indeed, complementary.

The color and the delicacy of the skin of the hand are major psychophysiological indications. The feel of the skin can quickly tell us the craft or special skills of a person, and are also a valuable guide to that person's degree of sensitivity. Even though the topography of the lines of the hand is not fixed, their general contours, and other details of their appearance can provide some very useful indications. One should remember, of course, that these lines exist at birth. Moreover, men have known how to interpret them, at least partially, since ancient times.

Besides the lines themselves, all the other features of the hand have a meaning also the general appearance of the hand, the shape, length and thickness of the fingers,  the palm, the mounts, etc. In addition to the technical sketches, many of the illustrations in this book will deepen the reader's understanding of these traits.

The text presents this subject in a new light, and seeks to inform the lay reader of the fundamental elements of what is now coming to be seen, more and more, as a science, of distinct value to everyone.

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  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Hardcover
  • Beschikbaarheid: 2
  • €7,50

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