A guide to living the annual cycle of rune magick.

Auteur: S. Kelley Harrell, foreword by Nigel Pennick

Jaar: 2018

Druk: niet genoemd

ISBN: 1620557703 / 9781620557709

Taal: Engels

192 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Destiny Books (USA)

Paperback, nieuw.


“In her book Runic Book of Days, S. Kelley Harrell has created a path of personal revelation and initiation through the intrinsic powers of the Elder Futhark, Her unique vision offers you a truly fresh way to approach the oracular nature of the runes while providing a way to use their magic to enhance your life. It is a journey through time and nature that can transform you.”  - Evelyn C. Rysdyk, author of The Norse Shaman: Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Northern Tradition

The Old Norse runes, known as the Elder Futhark, have long joined forces with the cycles of the seasons to offer powerful initiations, guidance, and wisdom. Aligning the sacred festivals, plantings, and harvests of ancient runic calendars with our modern 12-month calendar, Kelley Harrell reveals how the runes can once again offer initiations as well as instruct us on the holy days and creative rhythms of today. 

Drawing on her more than 25 years of Shamanic practice and runic study, Harrell offers a step-by-step primer to work with the runes throughout the year. She explains how the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark follow a seasonal progression in which each stave rules the calendar for a half-month. She explores the meaning of each rune in detail and presents structured runic devotionals for each half-month, interwoven with guidance on how to make the best use of the life force available during each season, as well as runic initiation rituals for the 8 pagan sabbats, or holy days, such as the Summer Solstice (Litha) and Beltane (May Day). She details the runes most powerful during each half-month, what they portend for personal and spiritual well-being, techniques for creating relationships with them, and how to work with them as an oracle. The author also explains how the runes leading up to each sabbat help create the space for properly greeting each calendrical transition and completing its initiation. 

By moving through Nature’s cycle with the runes, each year becomes a reliable and trackable process of personalized growth and spiritual connection. Progressing through the teachings of each stave while honoring the seasons, Harrell’s year with the runes becomes an initiation into a direct relationship with powers of Nature. 

S. Kelley Harrell has worked with the Elder Futhark runes for more than 25 years. A lifelong intuitive and ordained interfaith minister, she holds a master’s degree in religious studies and has been a practicing shaman since 2000. Her Shamanic practice is called Soul Intent Arts. The author of Gift of the Dreamtime and Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism, she lives in North Carolina. 

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Runic Book of Days

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