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A guided workbook to unlock and explore your magical intuition.

Auteur: Editors of Chartwell Books

Bevat materiaal uit de boeken: Real Talk Tarot & The Witch's Complete Guide tot Self-Care

Jaar: 2022

Druk: niet genoemd

ISBN: 9780785840787 / 0785840788

Taal: Engels

192 pagina's

Uitgeverij: Chartwell Books, Quarto

Paperback, nieuw.


Anyone can learn to work with tarot.  

Start your journey today with this guided workbook. 

Reading tarot cards draws on your innate ability to make connections, recognize yourself in the stories around you, and reinterpret signs with meaning. You can use it to uncover fascinating insights into your soul, love life relationships, finances and career, as well as your potential. 

This tarot guide gives you the information you need to decode the cards with writing prompts to help you tune in to your intuition whenever you need a little guidance. Think about the card and follow the prompts to discover more about yourself, understand the lessons in your experiences, and move forward. 

  • LEARN what each card, suit, and number means, including their upside-down meanings
  • DISCOVER the most popular spreads for reading and how to create your own
  • CULTIVATE more rewarding relationships and heal from past wounds 
  • FLOURISH in the workplace and at home 
  • DETERMINE your own fate with daily affirmation and spiritual development 
  • REFLECT on what's happening in your life right now with guided writing prompts 

What matters is that you focus on yourself, the cards in front of you, and let the truth flow through you. Tarot: A Guided Workbook is everything you need to know to read tarot cards today.

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Tarot - A Guided Workbook

  • Eenheid: stuk
  • Model: Paperback
  • Beschikbaarheid: 3
  • €14,50

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