Auteur/stem: Christopher Penczak

Muziek: Edward Newton, Derek O'Sullivan & Scott Cann

Jaar: 2007

ISBN: 0738711667 / 9780738711669

Taal: Engels

Uitgeverij: Llewellyn Publications, USA

4 CD-box, tweedehands, in nette staat, zeldzaam!


Let the author of The Temple of High Witchcraft guide you through the meditations from the book in this four-CD audio companion set. Designed to help you directly experience many of the meditations described in the book, each track is a guided pathworking that will take you to new levels of awareness. Christopher Penczak takes you on a journey through the ten different stations of the Tree of Life. In each meditation you have the opportunity to commune with the gods, archangels, totems, and spirits of each realm, seeking to learn more about each sphere’s virtue, vice, and vision. Four additional meditations open your consciousness to the four elemental realms, to meet with the spiritual rulers of each element, and learn to master the spiritual tools of the Stone of Sovereignty, the Cup of Compassion, the Sword of Truth, and the Spear of Victory. 

The companion recordings are not a substitute for the material in the book, as they contain only selected exercises and journey music. For a full understanding and appreciation of the rituals and meditations, please refer to The Temple of High Witchcraft

CD 1: Climbing the Base of the Tree Life

  1. Inner Temple and Memory Tower (Ex. 1)
  2. Rising on the Planes (Ex. 4) 
  3. Malkuth Pathworking (Ex. 7) 
  4. Yesod Pathworking (Ex. 12) 

CD 2: Climbing the Middle of the Tree of Life

  1. Hod Pathworking (Ex. 15) 
  2. Netzach Pathworking (Ex. 18) 
  3. Tiphereth Pathworking (Ex. 21) 
  4. Geburah Pathworking (Ex. 23) 

CD 3: Climbing the Top of the Tree of Life

  1. Chesed Pathworking (Ex. 25) 
  2. Binah Pathworking (Ex. 27) 
  3. Chokmah Pathworking (Ex. 29)
  4. Kether Pathworking (Ex. 30) 

CD 4: The Elemental Realms 

  1. Elemental Earth journey Seeking the Stone of Sovereignty (Ex. 8)
  2. Elemental Water Journey Seeking the Cup of Compassion (Ex. 13)
  3. Elemental Air journey Seeking the Sword of Truth (Ex. 16) 
  4. Elemental Fire journey Seeking the Spear of Victory (Ex. 19) 

These recordings are used to induce an altered state of consciousness. Please do not listen to these CDs while operating machinery or a motor vehicle.

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The Temple of High Witchcraft Meditation CD Companion

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